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Trial Chair:    Penny Ohanjanian

Entry Forms:  Wendy LeGare

BCSDA President:  Jennifer L’Arrivee



  1. I want to go to the trial and watch. Would you please give me directions from Spokane WA? Thanks

    • Hope .. I live here and this map needs correctin’ .

      Drive north to Cranbrook and keep going north through towards Kimberley. At about 10 miles, youll come to a junction of 5 minor roads at WYCLIFFE. Take PIGHIN RD. on the right, for about 2 mile, then sharp right to Pine Butte Ranch … but there’ll be signs out by then.

      Cheers ..Struan Robertson

    • Hi Hope. I cant find your email address, and want to find out if you still want to place Jill.

  2. Hi Hope,

    Here’s a link to the Google Map of the site:
    If you click on Get Directions, and enter your starting address, it should give you instructions.

    If you’ve got a GPS that accepts latitude/longitude coordinates, they are 49.3737, -115.5112

    Glad to hear you’re coming!

  3. I work for Aaron’s and our Mascot is a dog named Lucky. We were wondering if you would like him to make an appearance during the event. Please contact me at 250-489-1115. My name is Katryna. Thank you

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