Friday Results


And we’re done! Amanda and Dorey won this round of Nursery, Scott and June were 2nd, and Scott and Reba were 3rd.

Dennis Gellings and Tess – 68
Bev Lambert and Meg – DQ
Abe Marshall and Roy – DQ
Vickie Close and Jess – 52
Jean Gellings and Kip – DQ
Amanda Milliken and Dorey – 75
Chris Hanson and Sadi – DQ
Scott Glen and Reba – 71
Dennis Gellings and Gin – 67
The first round of Nursery is underway. It is getting really hot. The course is shorter than the Open, the sheep are just as twitchy.

Ian Zoerb and Zen – RT
Bev Lambert and Joe – 61
Lynne Schweb and Toss – 52
Wendy Schmaltz and Floss – 31
Lee Lumb and Cass – 54
Lorna Savage and Tyler – 50
Scott Glen and June – 72
And we’re done with the first 29 of the Open runs. Will be starting Nursery in a bit.

Bev Sommer and Jock – DQ
Dale Montgomery and Zip – RT
Randy Dye and Tuck – 58
Wendy Schmaltz and Creed – 69
Brian Nelson and Pleat – 66
Bob Stephens and Pat – RT
Dennis Gellings and Jan – 87
Nancy Stephens and Jenn – 44

Scott Glen and Maid – 82
Lynne Schweb and Dex- RT
Holly Brunner and Rosie – RT
Lee Lumb and Chica – 76
Lisa Wright and Hope – 80
Louanne Twa and Meg – 62
Joanne Zoerb and Mik – 73
Bev Lambert and Awel – 78
Chris Hanson and Ben – 44
Chris Jobe and Jill – RT
Gayle Cochlan and Cap – 72
Jean Gellings and Star – 72
Mary Thompson and Coal – 71
Norm Close and Blaze – 49

We’ve started the second round of Open. The drive has been reversed, but other than that, the course is the same.

Jenny Glen and Lad – RT
Vickie Close and Hannah – DQ
Ian Zoerb and Freckles – 75
George Stambulic and Kate – 83
Lorna Savage and Kaylee – 52
Penny Ohanjanian and Quill – DQ
Amanda Milliken and Roz – 83

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